SC Podcast Ep. 038 – The Necessity of Tissues Salts (and a Bit of Law) with Dr. Barre Lando

In this interview, Barre talks about: – How the tissue salts are the ‘mineral capacitors’ on the ground – How they correspond with the 12 primary constellations, or the 12 primary fields of resonance – Why the salts are supposed to be present in our blood stream at all times – How they are the basic materials that the cells need to regenerate every single moment – How the inorganic elements combine with the organic elements to create the form and function of our bodies – How the 21 extra tissue salts are simply derivations of the primary 12, but the initial 12 are the most important – The different perspectives of tissues salts and how to apply their use – A little clarity on what ‘evil’ is and how it is a clue to truth – How we can’t fully rebuild and house the perfection of spirit if any of the 12 cell salts are missing – How homeopathic remedies differ from cell salts – Why the homeopathic attenuation of the minerals makes it more amenable to the body for their uptake – How the dilute form of the minerals compare to taking mineral supplements in mg amounts – How electrical resistance is a key to the efficient use of nutrients and the smooth functioning of the body (and in the soil!) – Why plant source minerals are better to supplement with over non-plant derived minerals – Good sources of natural mineral supplementation – Why the minerals aren’t concentrated in our food anymore – Barre’s advice as to how to approach the tissue salts for your own use – How the 3 water regulators (Nat Mur, Nat Sulf, Nat Phos) work in the body – Water’s role as a transmitting utility – Why you need more of your constitutional remedy – What the ‘bridge salts’ are – The requirement of kali phos (Aries) to connect the pituitary and pineal (masculine) that allows us to receive the resonance from higher consciousness – The dependence of the cerebellum (Taurus) on the cerebrum (Aries) – How to ensure your baby won’t be short on particular cell salts for early start on good health – The relevance of Steiner’s work – Best forms of tissue salts to consume – How you can educate yourself on cell salts on Alfa Vedic’s site – What Barre is creating in his lab with cell salts – Barre’s recommendations on dealing with the overburden of poisons in our world – Examples of how specific tissue salts can help in the times we live in – Microbes that help with proper blood viscosity – The power of coffee enemas – The importance of understanding law and knowing who you truly are – How your internal process is what makes your paperwork work…you prove the paperwork, it does not prove you – How to keep your PMA (private membership association) actually private and legitimate – The use of trusts – And more…Barre has so much wisdom to share! I”m going to have to listen to this interview a few times myself…as I often tend to do with Barre’s talks. I know you’re going to love it. Enjoy!

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