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Co-Op Members take advantage of all first tier Supporter perks and much more. Access to monthly product specials, viewing privileges for recorded workshops at designated release dates after first availability to Executive Members and the opportunity to get your personal questions answered by the Alfa Vedic founders and special guest influencers.

Co-Op Members are the next level of integration into the AV Family, and your added support should be rewarded!  You’ll have all of the perks extended to first tier Supporters and much more.  Your  AV experience will be more interactive with access to private chat group with the Alfa Vedic founders and special guest influencers.

    • All of the perks & privileges extended to our Supporters
    • Special monthly discounts with select products from the elite line of Alfa Vedic offerings.
    • Viewing access to recorded workshops at extended release dates.
    • Get your personal questions answered by the Alfa Vedic founders & special guest influencers in private discussion groups only accessible to Co-Op & Executive Members.

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The Alfa Vedic permaculture farm demonstrates how local farming co-operatives can provide affordable nutritious food & medicinal herbs to restore the collective health & halt destructive corporate practices.

Grow your own!  Go on private AV farm tours,  and meet our extended community food exchange with other organic growers & raw dairy providers.  Get a front row seat in the AV Spagyrics lab for tutorials on creating home grown remedies to treat mind, body & spirit.

Understand the term Sovereignty as an experiential resonance, and the first essential realization in the journey toward Self-Determination in your business, financial & personal affairs.