I was first introduced to Albert Schweitzer as a child reading my mother’s collection of National Geographic magazines, which sparked a keen & lifelong fascination with the life of this remarkable man. He has remained a guiding light for me to present. When least expected, and in the uncanniness of circumstances, his Presence becomes more than apparent. The rest is very personal, but it has a relevance to this post.

Dr. Schweitzer was a healer of the Soul, and his medical altruism was an avenue to that end. “Heal Thyself” could aptly describe his philosophy, and coaxing the latent potential within humanity was his aim. In my practice years I approached every new client with the same welcoming statement, “you do not require my services or that of any other doctor!” Most we’re referred to our clinic for very serious conditions, so you might appreciate their typical reaction of bewilderment and at times dismay. I well understood that my job was to simply hold a space by creating an extended physiological window.

We biologically embody for very good reason, so it’s vital to take the mystery out of “medicine”. When “illness” abates through self-knowledge & fearless tenacity, Spirit is revealed. So, on this second post, I’ll share the first in a series of self-administered tests that can reveal much. I would strongly suggest taking all medical opinions, self-help recommendations and otherwise, including those from this humble doctor, with “a healthy grain of salt”. This conveniently brings us to the topic at hand.

Drinking ample water throughout the day with just a pinch of salt has been recently popularized. The proponents of this practice, rightfully recognize that dehydration belies many if not most maladies. The causes of dehydration are many, but the average individual plain doesn’t drink enough water, or hydrate correctly.

Here’s how it’s supposed to work. Sodium is the predominant mineral in the extracellular fluids (outside of the cell), while potassium is most abundant inside the cell (intracellular), and water follows sodium. The archaic theories of cellular physiology would have you believe that “sodium-potassium pumps” transport these elements back and forth across cell membranes to maintain proper mineral ratios and therefore fluid balance. Cells operate with a much higher degree of sophistication & elegance, however, not unlike the vortex dynamics common to all circulatory processes, but we’ll keep it simple for now.

Naturally occurring salts, such as Celtic Sea Salt are complex mineral composites dissimilar to the refined sodium chloride products known as table salt. When small amounts of such salts are added to drinking water, the sodium, chloride, magnesium and other elements osmotically facilitate adequate cellular hydration. This can be very effective, but there’s so much more to the story!

Side Bar:  The ubiquitous radiation from cell towers, dirty electricity & WiFi is a major contributing factor to the dehydration epidemic.  These vertically oriented microwaves are synthetic derivations from the discovery of the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum within mainstream “science”.  In fact, ample evidence exists within the field of radiesthesia that ancient cultures geometrically produced similar waveforms for the purpose of mummification ie. dehydration.  Such EMF generation can be conducive to mechanical technologies, but they are contra-indicated for sentient life, health & the expansion of consciousness that thrives in the presence of the Vibrational Spectrum.

We would be more than remiss to ignore the upstream mechanisms that orchestrate the delicate mineral-fluid equilibrium via neuro-endocrine regulation.  The renal-adrenal axis is the obvious key.

The adrenals can be likened to the landfill for every possible stressor that mankind can conjure.  Any encounter with bio-contaminants, poor lifestyle or “False Experiences Appearing Real” places increasing demands on these bodily work horses.  They are responsible for the manufacture of mineralcorticoids, glucocorticoids & sex hormones to both safeguard and keep the wheels on the biological wagon.

Mineralcorticoids are most germane to this discussion, and in particular, aldosterone, due to its role as the gatekeeper for sodium-potassium balance.  The blood sugar & androgenic components of suprarenal function will receive solution-oriented elaboration in later posts.

Cumulative stress paces the adrenals through three predictable stages:

Alarm Reaction Stage: The adrenals respond with a surge of adrenaline & cortisol at the first hint of incoming encroachments such as penetrating WiFi, exposure to airborne poisons or triggered emotions from an IRS love letter.

Resistant Stage: As true with all things sentient, repetitive stress makes one a bit skittish, and the adrenals are no exception. Periods of intermittent over-vigilance (hyperadrenia), followed by catch-a-breath moments of reduced function (hypoadrenia) and back-and-forth again are the understandable consequence.

Exhaustion Stage: When the adrenals fail to catch a break over an extended duration, they tap out in utter exhaustion. This is not a good thing, but, unfortunately, an all too often sequelae to today’s shock & awe world.

Subpar aldosterone production is the frequent response to adrenal wear-and-tear in the Reaction-Resistance-Exhaustion cycle with resultant fluid imbalances ranging from dehydration to compensatory edema. The primary role of aldosterone is to conserve sodium and water to maintain both electrolyte and water balance by causing kidney resorption of sodium and chloride.

Deficient aldosterone will lead to excessive sodium loss in the urine, with an attempt to maintain normal osmotic ratios through the retention of potassium. Adequate sodium outside the cell with proper intracellular potassium levels is necessary for neurological action potentials that drive every physiological function. In addition to dehydration, symptoms can include fatigue, insomnia, muscle twitches & cramps and even heart palpitations.

Paradoxically, if the osmotic differentials are severe enough extracellular fluids can be allowed to enter the cell in an attempt to dilute excess potassium to cause edematous tissues. As AMA genius would have it, diuretics are then prescribed only to dramatically worsen the situation.

The process takes less time and effort than brewing your morning cup of coffee, and requires just a couple of inexpensive chemicals and a 50 ml test tube.

10% potassium chromate solution

0.74% silver nitrate solution

50 ml test tube readily available at Amazon or other outlets.

1) Place 10 drops of 1st AM urine in 50 ml test tube.
2) Add 1 drop of 10% potassium chromate solution. Mix. The solution has a yellowish color.
3) Add and count drop by drop of the 0.74% silver nitrate solution mixing as you go. Note the number of drops it takes to turn the solution red-orange to red. This is the end point of the test.
4) A normal range is 17 to 25 drops to obtain the red-orange or red color change.

Excessive sodium spilling into the urine will yield a high number (over 25 drops) and less than normal urine sodium is indicated with less than 17 drops.

Special Notes:
1) A high dietary intake of daily salt can also effect these numbers.
2) Hypoadrenia from stress-related issues can cause either a high or low test result.
3) Early stage hypoadrenia with lowered aldosterone allows excess sodium excretion and a higher than 25 drops score.
4) In the hyperadrenic period of the Resistant stage increased adrenal output will cause sodium retention with a lower than 17 drops score.
5) Early periods of the Exhaustion stage will require a number of drops well beyond the 25 drop limit reaching as high as 60 at times.
6) Late Exhaustion stage marked by severe sodium depletion will only take 5-7 drops to reach the end point.

If you’re in the 17-25 club, congratulations! If you care to add a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt to your ample water intake to be sipped throughout the day for optimal hydration assurance, go ahead!

Test results in any of the adrenal stress categories afford a wonderful opportunity to introspect lifestyle changes. Some suggestions may include limiting WiFi and cell phone exposure, firing your boss, adapting regular meditative practices and spending more time in nature with exercise, gardening or just Being!

I would also add to this therapeutic list, the daily intake of adaptogenic herbal & medicinal mushroom concentrates within a bioavailable mineral tonic, and Cell Salts suited to your unique constitution. I favor the Alfa Vedic products, of course, as I can personally vouch for every phase of raw ingredient sourcing to final processing.

Indications of adrenal exhaustion would be better served with a daily glass of celery juice rather than just increasing salt intake, and it’s probably not a good time to double down on potassium supplementation.

The adrenal glands are the heart of your endocrine engine, and the resolution of any health-related issue begins and ends with keeping them happy! I did extensive examination procedures in my practice, but I never failed to perform this one simple test by requiring a sample of first AM urine at every office visit.

The body is your personal laboratory, and this simple evaluation will lend insightful and practical information for the cultivation of the “inner physician” in you!.

Dr. Barre Lando

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