In All Thy Getting, Get Thee Knowledge w/ Steve Falconer

While vast swaths of humanity are presently waiting for the other proverbial shoe to drop on any number of socio-economic fronts, we’re staying the course with our guests and subject matter that the spell-casters would rather remain occulted.

Political drama, pending wars & fake epidemics aside, wouldn’t it be more fruitful to understand our authentic origins upon this plane?  Perhaps solution lies in what’s been hidden, and what if a true historical accounting revealed historical eras in which Mankind actually had its act together?

On this Alfacast installment we continue this investigative thread with author & film-maker, Steve Falconer.  Steve is a prolific political commentator and the voice of Spacebusters on Youtube, Bitchute, Odysee and  He is also the author of the children’s book “The Dukes of Dense”, available on all Amazon platforms and a former writer and administrator for Truth Serum News, where he wrote under the pen name Areyou Sure.

Steve is a former Chicago native living in Copenhagen Denmark, a music teacher and full time touring musician.  He is a father and researcher into all things hidden, esoteric and out of the ordinary daily experience, with a gift for debunking or demystifying occulted information.

Expect our typically open-ended roundtable to delve deeply into the history of archons within the Earth Realm.  Do they really exist up in the heavens, or are they actually indigenous within a sub-plane of Earth?  What do they want with us?  We’ll  traverse the origins of the hidden ancient Irish Finician origins of civilization falsely attributed to Tartaria or Atlantis that have been sanitized by the good folks at the Vatican.

Will the Novus Ordo Seclorum or New World Order achieve the ultimate prize of purloining our very Souls, or will we muster up the audacity to just say no?


Irish Wisdom in the Bible and Pyramids: Connor MacDari
The Hearth Book:  Embodiment Celestial
Rise of the Arians: Patrick Chouinard
Atlantis: Ignatius Donnely
The Secret Plan of the Order: 1848:  The Abbate Leone
Behind the Dictators: 1944: Leo Lehmann
The Revolutionary Movement: 1938: J. Findlater
Rulers of Evil: 1999: F. Tupper Saucy
Vatican Assassins: Eric Jon Phelps
Secret Instructions of the Jesuits: 1857: W.C. Brownlee

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