The Real Power Of Mind Over Water w/ Raymon Grace

Renown water dowser, Raymon Grace, joins Alfacast to explore our innate abilities, and healing planetary waters through energetic methodologies.

Raymon Grace is a water witcher, to use the vernacular of the Appalachian Mountains, where Raymon lives. Dowsing, as it’s more commonly termed, is an art that has been used for a long time to find underground water veins.

Some people scoff at dowsing, but not the ones who drilled a well and found good water where the water witcher said it would be.

Raymon is the president and founder of the Raymon Grace Foundation with a mission focus of cleaning planetary waters for present and future generations. What sets The Raymon Grace Foundation apart from other ecologically-minded groups is his employment of dowsing, and energetic methods of cleaning contaminated waters.

As a world renown energy dowser, and featured speaker at dowsing conferences, The Edgar Cayce Foundation of Research & Enlightenment, The Monroe Institute, The Coptic Conferences and many similar events, Raymon has authored three books, The Future is Yours – Do Something About it, Techniques That Work For Me, and Seasons of April, which have been translated into Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Russian.

I heard of this practice all my life and a neighbor had a good reputation for finding water, but seems no one went beyond finding water with this ability.

​Raymon has evolved his dowsing & energy work since he commenced training in 1973, and has shared his knowledge with thousands of people worldwide. During this time he has traveled the world exploring healing modalities from many cultures, including India, Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, Little Tibet, South America, South Africa, & Kashmir.

Never did I ever think in my wildest dreams that a mountain man from the hills of Virginia would present to me the most authentic healing modality I have encountered to date!

Raymon feels that most people have more mental ability than they are aware of, and if they are not aware of it, they don’t use it. Dowsing is a way to improve our intuition and receive information we might not receive otherwise. It can help us make better decisions in most any part of our life.

If there is something in the human mind that can detect water many feet underground, then why can we not use this same ability for other things? We can!!

Join us on this fascinating and inspiring episode, as we explore untapped human potential, and our innate capacity to heal the life-giving waters of our Realm.

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