The End of Medical Mythology w/ Barre Lando & Mike Winner

In the aftermath of the last two years of orchestrated chaos truth has gathered momentum. The official narrative is just too far-fetched for anyone with a modicum of smarts to swallow, especially anything espoused from the mouthpieces of the failed medical industry.

Actors in white coats, unscrupulous administrators and celebrity prostitutes are having one heck of a time jiving transparent falsehoods with observable fact.

The existence of a long-standing and pernicious medical conspiracy to promulgate a belief in microscopic terrorists, and purposely manufacture chronic angst in anticipation of the inevitable “diagnosis” raises reasonable questions in warm-blooded individuals. Who? Why? We have answers to those questions, but that is not the subject of this Alfacast episode.

To understand the origins of dis-ease in its many variations one is required to know the fundamentals of Natural Design. At once, the incongruities of institutionalized stupidity will fade when contrasted with sound logic, empirical evidence and positive results.

Join us in this forensic journey into the miraculous human vehicle from biological to etheric and everything in-between. Truth is the antidote for all that ails us, and it is now accessible to all desiring freedom from fear-based control.

Today’s PDF presentation:

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