In the lexicon of celebratory holidays, religious & secular alike, Easter symbolizes the pinnacle of Mankind’s purpose for embodiment on Earth and should be exalted above them all. By whatever name you may call Him, or historical narrative you may accept, Master Jesus’ Incarnation & Resurrection left an eternal imprint on the ethers of this realm affording us the opportunity to, once again, embrace the Light.

The obvious symbolism of bunnies and eggs herald from times when cultures, deemed “pagan” by the Vatican, were aware of the true import of the Easter season more than we can appreciate. Those early attempts to occult the Truth by the self-appointed middle-men between God and His Creation has persisted in the breath-taking darkness that we bear unfortunate witness to at present.

It is indeed tragic that the words of the Nazarene, intended to liberate our minds & hearts forever, have been so misrepresented and obfuscated. St. Germain once remarked that the most essential and vital statement ever uttered by Jesus was “I AM the Resurrection & the Life”.

When I AM is spoken into the ethers it is our true Declaration of Independence and at once decrees the presence of our individualization of God at a designated coordinate within universal Consciousness.

A more contemporaneous comprehension of “I AM the Resurrection & the Life” can perhaps be gleaned within the context of the illuminating teachings & genius of the great, Walter Russell. The Merkabah or Toroidal energy field, as it has been more recently termed, was thoroughly dissected by this luminary in a manner that even the linear investigative processes of western “science” can decipher.

As in all functions of our Creator’s Natural Design, it is about two polarities seeking a harmonious balance. The so-called Toroid contains both the data & energetic impetus to materialize and animate every life form from subatomic to interstellar.

The Yin/Shen polarity that compresses information from “Idea”, which is a verifiable electrical event, traverses the etheric medium southward in a centripetal inverted cone-shaped kaleidoscope to the final materialization of our biology and experience. A simultaneous Yang/Ko dispersing vortex pays homage to Source by returning all in a North Star trajectory. As the self-canceling, opposing energy vortices intersect at a common equator it appears to the inner eye as a six pointed star to simulate original Idea in a frame-by-frame affair.

The Kingdom of Man within the four divisions of Nature is uniquely gifted with the three primary attributes of the Godhead; Will/Power, Love/Wisdom & Directed Intelligence noted by Christian sects as the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. With the immense opportunity to co-Create on the Universal canvas comes the need for knowledge & temperance in equal magnitude to fulfill the humanity’s mission to create “Heaven on Earth”, while honoring the sacrifice that Master Jesus made on behalf of us all.

My friends, we are, indeed, at that apocalyptical & historical moment when the irrefutable resonance left by the Resurrection of Jesus in the atmosphere of Earth, amplified by the constellation of Aries at peak expression are hastening the unification of heart and mind.

Even the term, “apocalypse” has been inverted to suggest death & destruction to veil its authentic connotation of New Beginnings at this pivotal juncture in Man’s long and arduous journey through the the “world of appearances”.

The realization of “I AM the Resurrection and the Life” is the blueprint for freedom from all claims of Earthly “authority”, and the Maya of death & disease. This statement alone is a master lesson in the physics of Spirit and the perfection that awaits those who consciously align with the Source of all Life, and release all back in love & appreciation.

Let us ponder two additional statements left by Lord Jesus for a deeper awareness of “I AM the Resurrection and the Life”; “The last enemy to be overcome is death” and “the works that I do, ye shall do also”.

On this special day of remembrance & gratitude we wish the Alfa Vedic community a most wonderous & blessed Easter holiday, and extend our heartfelt appreciation for joining us in envisioning a more kind and peaceful world.

~ Dr. Barre and Deborah Lando

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