Decentralized Awareness, with very special guest, Mike Winner

In this episode, Tarah and Liz talk with Mike Winner; part of the Alfa Vedic enterprise, in their own words “medicine, farming and next-level decentralized technology rounded by artistic and athletic pursuit’. They have a farm, a podcast, a documentary, to name a few. Please do yourself a favor and check them out: Mike shares his exit from Babylon, how he always felt like an outcast, someone who didn’t fit into normal society. He talks about his involvement in his own imagination and how the world felt weird until he experienced psychedelics and everything changed. With this new awareness, Mike began to explore life and its meanings. Mike is passionate about bringing new ways of relations in the virtual world, and has been working in a sacred online space to allow the community to go next level. We talked about how the Web that has been hijacked and it’s time to step it up. He explains the big project he’s a part of, QORTAL, an open, honest and meaningful virtual space, taking the internet back to what it was intended to be. They touch on so many important topics including, natural law, legal system, private vs public, the exploration of consciousness and possibilities, decentralized systems, sovereignty, collaboration as a new way of relating, gifting, trust and prosperity to name a few. This episode is so rich, so, do yourself a favor, grab some popcorn, a notebook and enjoy!

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