Dr. Devin Vrana wears many hats—Mother of 5, Chiropractor, Inspirational Speaker/Emcee, Event Facilitator, Rebel & Daydream Believer. Ultimately, she’s just a small town girl with a big heart on a big mission to live the gift of life fully & vibrantly alive.

I am a relentless seeker & student of what makes a person COME ALIVE–body, mind & soul!

Dr. Vrana’s passion projects are all inspired by her soul calling to help people remember the power they carry within & how to shine—body, mind & soul.

I am dreamer who EXPECTS MIRACLES!

In Devin’s own words: “I have laid my hands on & held healing space for thousands of aches, pains, and broken hearts. I serve babies only minutes old all the way up to centurions, pregnant moms, athletes, farmers, kids/teens, all kinds of kinds… and I LOVE IT!”

I am a rebel warrior who is unafraid to SPEAK MY TRUTH or STAND MY GROUND!

Devin believes that the Power that made the body heals the body, and that YOU are powerful beyond all measure & with the proper supports you can heal through & rise above any challenge.

I am a rebel warrior who is unafraid to SPEAK MY TRUTH or STAND MY GROUND!

Are you ready to be inspired?  This roundtable discussion will with Devin, Dr. Lando & Mike Winner will lead you to the realization that the only healer you need is You!

“I am HERE to create a sacred, safe PLACE for the wild-hearted seekers, dreamers, & rebel warriors who are ready to live life vibrantly alive! ”
~ Dr. Devin Vrana

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