Many folks now agree that SHTF-time may indeed be here. More than ever people from all walks of life are exploring the self-sufficient lifestyle through homesteading as an avenue to weather the storm.

Do you find yourself in an urban environment short of time & resources to even consider such a thing? Is the thought of slopping the pigs in the early AM not your thing?

John Bush has walked the talk of making the homesteading commitment, and he’ll be your A to Z guide if you’re considering such a journey, riding the fence, or just plain feeling that it’s an impossibility.

We’ll dispel all notions of such an undertaking, both idyllic and daunting for the many now aware that the welfare of our country and families will be determined by us alone.

John Bush is a radical activist, entrepreneur, and father of two based in Central Texas. His education into the concepts of anarchism and agorism refocused his energies on promoting alternative institutions like cryptocurrency, regenerative agriculture, and mutual aid groups.

In 2005 he laid out his vision for Freedom Cells, peer to peer mutual aid groups that work together to find more freedom for those involved.  The Freedom Cell Network now has over 30,000 participants and stretches across the globe.

John has a keen interest in natural health through his company Brave Botanicals, and recently launched Live Free Academy, an education enterprise that aims to help people find financial independence and sovereignty in their lives.

Dr. Lando is presently in his 4th generation of homestead creations, so be sure we’ll have ample first-hand experiences to share. This episode will be immensely informative, and provide realistic insights for those of you now realizing the time to act is Now!

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