This past weekend Alfa Vedic hosted the I AM THE LIVING LAW workshop-retreat at the AV farm. Attendees, which included many notable influencers accomplished in fields ranging from Alternative Medicine, Law & Natural Science all agreed that the impact from this event was a game-changer.

The magical setting made frequent river dips, forest walks & tours through the AV Permaculture farm available for needed assimilation-time for the dramatic consciousness-shift experienced during class time.

The Friday evening meet & greet began with renown Land Patent & U.S. Constitution expert, Ron Gibson entertaining a Q & A followed by an organic food buffet. The Saturday-Sunday sessions framed the curriculum within the Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars formula for global conquest, to illustrate how we have had the power all along.

This was by no means a mere Legal-Law paperwork tutorial as all participants came to the realization that taking our World back is an inside job.  Protecting our personal & financial affairs shouldn’t be expensive or complicated when one understands the difference between Private & Public within the resonance of I AM.

On this episode Barre & Mike will share event highlights, and present a synopsis of the would-be-controllers blueprint, which in actuality is our Solution!

This event, and more to come, will be available in the membership section of our soon-to-be-released new Alfa Vedic website. The amazing weekly Alfacast guest-list doesn’t often allow our well-received in-house chats, so don’t miss this one!

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