Our Alfacast guest, James Tunney, left a successful academic career in law to focus on spiritual and artistic development.

As a prolific writer within academia and working as an international consultant, James is noted for his presentations on the various aspects of globalization in many countries around the world.

James has refocused his creative talents to an in-depth exploration into Mysticism and Scientism through his brilliant works to include his most recent publication, Plantation of the Automatons: Rule of an Automaticity Loop, a follow-up on his prior book Human Entrance to Transhumanism.

Transhumanism is a movement which aims to remake humanity through technology.

In James own words, “looking at the long imperial history of the plantation, we can witness the process that underlies ‘progress’ towards global governance. The study, language and practice of controlling plants has driven models of imperial development. We will soon live in a planetary plantation aswe experience implantation. The objective of the Plantation of the Automatons is the utter control and management of human consciousness as part of a system in which those who are allowed to survive are mere conscious agents.

On this timely, not-to-be missed episode James will guide us through this dark, but lamentably true agenda, but always have heart … victory has already been assured for those who align on the right side of history!

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