While our trusted institutions and legacy media effort tirelessly to establish the final cornerstone of a virtual panopticon to better manage those pesky herds, something else is happening.

Decades of logical fallacies propagated under an ever-thinning altruistic veneer has become too difficult to swallow even for the uninitiated.  Truth abhors a void, and a new warrior class has emerged to validate the metaphoric dictum that the emperor, indeed, has no clothes.

On this Alfacast we’re excited to host Chance Garton, who can be counted amongst this new generation of intrepid seekers daring to counter the mainstream narrative with classical logic corroborated by voluminous evidence and critical thought.

Chance Garton is the host of the InnerVerse Podcast, a show dedicated to empowering your perspective to help you stay in the flow of perpetual synchronicity.  Chance is adept in a variety of areas, but most significantly interested in the technology of language.

From teaching about the ways our body’s innate intelligence is speaking to us, to the mysteries of linguistics that show the essential unity of all spiritual traditions, Chance is a true Logophile and proponent of using awareness and self-honesty as the primary means to building health, resilience, and success in all aspects of life.

Chance is also an aura technician in the Biofield tuning style, working with clients every week to help them discover and reclaim their power from limiting beliefs about themselves and unconscious expectations about life.

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