Here at Alfa Vedic Gardens we have enjoyed a long and rewarding experience as bee keepers.  The Doc and his wife have co-authored articles and conducted classes on the critical role of the many varieties of pollinators in their parallel journey with mankind.

On this episode, Derek Condit, Bee intuitive and expert, takes us deep into the hive mind to understand the mystical workings of the Queen of all pollinators.

Owner of Mystical Wares, Energy Worker & Intuitive, Derek was born in Inglewood, California and joined the U.S. Army as an M1A1 Abrams tank crewman.

After serving nearly 4 years, most of which he was stationed in Mannheim, Germany, he honorably discharged to pursue a career as a Commercial Deep Sea Diver in the Gulf of Mexico.

Beginning in the Spring of 2016, Derek began his apiary of
Shungite Beehives. Using his knowledge of ‘treatment-free’ beekeeping combined with the mineral Shungite,

Expect our conversation to traverse through the properties of Shungite and Orgonite as an invaluable ally to bee & bee-keeper alike to the other-worldly origins of bees.

If you’re a naturalist, agriculturist, bee-keeper or just keen the metaphysical realm you won’t be disappointed!

Our last episode didn’t escape the all-seeing eye of YT censorship, so this week will see if they live up to their increasing reputation as the ultimate buzz-kill.

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