How would your life be different if you expressed your law for your own life and property? What benefits would you reap if you harmonized your law with the creator’s law to bring forth peace and remedy to all controversy? Can you imagine your sense of empowerment in holding and enforcing your rights at law as one of mankind?

Our very special guest, Greg Paul has proved these principles in his own experience, and blazed the trail for all with courage follow.
Greg walked away from a successful career as a housing developer, cancelled every direct debit and standing order, and quit using money altogether. He lived over a year without using any money whatsoever, and another 6 years without exchanging his energy for money in any way. Greg challenged everything he felt to be wrong with the system, both in and out of the UK court system.

He took on power and water companies, banks for mortgage fraud, and reclaimed abandoned homes for the homeless. He had countless encounters with the local police force, and proved time and time again that it is impossible to convict a man without his consent, where he hasn’t actually harmed anyone.

Greg is the co-founder of the New Earth Project, the International Tribunal for Natural Justice and other initiatives which sought to restore truth and justice to the world. A primary understanding gleaned from these earlier projects was how any initiative which empowered collectives rather than the individual man/woman were destined to become hives of that which they sought to eradicate.

For nine years he went on a journey in search of the knowledge of EVERY law there is – to discover the full depth of the framework of principles and laws that govern all life; the laws of the soul; the laws of love; the true law of attraction and how the matrix actually works;

He since created The Sovereigns Way, where he shares knowledge of true law and how a man or woman can express their own law and rights forth into the world; the essence of which is how to remove the controversy from one’s life to be truly free.

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