Strap in, but keep your mind open!  The Alfacast crew believes in leaving no stone unturned, regardless of whose eyebrows get raised.  Today we’re entertaining the perchance concept that the shape and functionality of our beloved Earth may be remarkably different than what most of us have always perceived.

David Weiss will be our tour guide down this entertaining rabbit hole of endless possibilities.  Like many of us, Dave will admit that the geometry of our realm can’t be ascertained for certain, but the consensus with any in-depth sleuthing reveals more than a few undeniable whoppers.

David masterfully tackles many of the typical questions from people who would otherwise consider this subject a fool’s errand, as he viewed the world through a similar lens in the not too distant past.

As a renewable energy businessman he first traversed the flat earth path in early 2015 in a serious effort to debunk this ridiculous notion.

Whether or not you reach similar conclusions as David after this controversial roundtable discussion, it will be hard to deny that NASA and the entire consortia of institutionalized academia has some serious explaining to do!

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