Freedom fighters and spiritual samurais Steven Whybrow and Eril Kaya return to Alfacast for a timely & lively roundtable.  In this week’s episode The Gnostic Takeover founders, Steve and Eril, will focus on giving a big picture overview of how they are creating an incredible success story in Taking back the country of Austria in the heart of Europe.

Eril and Steve are going to share with everyone what they describe as the template to take the planet back.What sounds impossible and unbelievable is, in actual fact, their daily experience, which they claim can also be backed up by information from various fields of study.

We are now putting all of our efforts into taking our country back … from our perspective it can expand out into the World.  In our last chat, Steven & Eril discussed their method of confronting the 5G rollout through a constructive ‘Notice of Liability’ to agents of the system that are causing harm to all sentient beings on the planet.

Their present recommendation is to let go of all distractions, and come to the realization that 2022 is the year where humanity is finally Taking the Planet back from occult, hostile forces.

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