In this much-anticipated sequel Jason Breshears from sheds timely light on the true nature of our technological Realm through a lens of current events.  Many of us are now aware of the mass changes just visible on the collective horizon.

Why has the most basic knowledge concerning the nature of our realm been guarded by a select few, and increasingly transparent to some while meeting scathing rebuff by those not yet up to task?  We’ll most definitely entertain these questions, and as per Jason’s request, address a compilation of queries curated from the AV community at large.

For those new to Jason’s work familiarize yourself with his foundational research & concepts introduced in Alfacast Part 1:  Are We In A False Reality Simulacrum? w/ Jason Breshears.

While Jason’s Simulation Theory may be a stretch for some, the depth & breadth of his informational base is formidable, while some of the conclusive links drawn are undeniable.

“History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”
~ Karl Marx

Your Alfacast hosts have more than touched upon the possible origins of our experience in a good number of presentations, albeit from a perspective of pro-active attributes Sourced from individual & collective Consciousness.

Is the very idea of an Artificial Construct/Intelligence dooming humanity to repeated cycles of destruction a nihilistic notion or could it be a purposeful evolutionary cog in our journey toward Self-Realization.  This talk is not to be missed!

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