Jean Nolan is a Country Music artist, songwriter & inspirator touching hearts and souls everywhere.

“Today more than ever we need truth, authenticity, inspiration and most of all a solid relationship with the Creator”.

Jean is co-founder of the Inspired Channel with wife Kristin Nolan, who are self-described parents, inspirators, free spirits, creators and teachers whose mission is to inspire you to find your true power.

As a songwriter, artist and inspirational speaker Jean finds his purpose in inspiring others to live theirs.  Jean & Kristin together have creatively expanded their knowledge sharing networks through the immensely popular Inspired podcasts, life coaching events and

Our story is filled with love, adventure and the unconditional desire to always learn, grow and expand and never shy away from the contrast that assists us in doing that.

Whether speaking to the darker side of the globalist agenda, matters of health, politics or ominous prophecies from the past Jean masterfully does so from a context of spirituality and the reality of self-determination.

“When everything on the outside gets really chaotic, it could be a sign that we’re close to a breakthrough moment.”

No doubt, this is an episode not to be missed, as Jean is here to EMPOWER YOU to connect to source, God, The Universe, and hear your own guidance system for the confidence and the tools to live the life of your dreams.

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