It’s time for another in-house chat, and today’s topic is “The Magical Land”.  One year ago to date your Alfacast hosts aired Agrarianism: A Path to Socio-Political & Personal Freedom, which was extremely well-received by the AV community.

On this episode we address Agrarianism within the much broader context of BioTerrain: The Electric Realm.  For certain, the founding Fathers understood the success of a fledgling nation would be determined by a populace deeply enmeshed within agricultural pursuits.  Many of our early countrymen, however, were no strangers to the Alchemical sciences, and an appreciation for Old World conceptualizations of a unified Realm, which we call Earth.

Understanding ourselves and habitat from a top-down functional perspective, would revolutionize our concept of Self, while alleviating the burden of self-imposed problems that have brought this plane to the brink.

2022 was a year of great revelation, and 2023 marks the onset of the Agrarian Rennaisance.

Self-determination and food independence are critical components for those of us seeking a reconnection with the land, but similar to any electrical system, grounding is a singlular element in a unified energy field.

Today we’ll explore an expanded Permaculture model for self-sufficiency with a virtual tour of the Alfa Vedic Gardens, as a living example for completing the full-circle journey toward personal & collective Sovereignty.

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