#200 – Fly The Unfriendly Skies w/ Reinette Senum

One of our more popular Alfacast guests, Reinette Senum, returns for another inspiring and entertaining interview.  Whether braving the trans-Alaskan wilderness or the hostile political landscape as a California gubernatorial candidate Reinette never shies from a challenge.

Today’s roundtable will tackle a diversity of topics relative to the Global Coup, and 5th generational warfare tactics designed to grind humanity into submission.  We’ll dissect the why behind the systemic poisoning of both our internal and internal ecology, and how the human Spirit is the most powerful antedote.

Why do even the most populist politicians give the most critical issues we face the widest berth?  Reinette will bring us up-to-date with her proactive efforts behind GenSeven, Save Our Skies and organizations that are taking legal action against the most egregious geo-engineering perpetrators in the US.

“I am running for Governor as an independent, common-sense candidate focused on core values and ethics, but in order to turn California around we are going to need an unprecedented effort by all of us working together.

“Based upon the Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy that originally inspired our United States Constitution, we will use the Seven Generation principle as the primary guiding force of this campaign because all decisions made today should serve the next seven generations.”   ~ Reinette Senum

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