#199 – Beyond Breath w/ Tom Barnett

There’s good reason why Tom Barnet is one of our most popular Alfacast guests.  When Tom speaks on Sovereignty in Law, the Healing Arts or matters of Spirit he does so from personal experience, and in this day of dime-a-dozen influencers he is a rarity.

Tom Barnett is a holistic health practitioner and mindset coach, covering diverse topics from law, culture and sociology to human health and spirituality.  Many people from all walks of life have found value in Tom’s relaxed and calm demeanor while getting right to the point, providing valuable, stable content that will remain applicable for life.

In this roundtable discussion Dr. Barre, Mike & Tom will explore a diversity of subject matter to include the inclination toward religiosity in dietary trends, personal Sovereignty, the Essence of the Male-Female axis, the Agrarian Renaissance  and Tom’s Beyond Breath workshops.

We will not be streaming to our usual Alfa Vedic YT channel, due to two recent strikes for exercising our First Amendment guarantees for Freedom of Speech.  These heinous censorship tactics only fuel our humble contribution to the growing collective that is saying NO to those with evil intent.

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