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SOLD OUT/Select Jiao Gu Lan Leaves – 30 servings

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Why has Jiao Gu Lan (Gynostemma) become one of the most sought-after tonic herbs on the planet? No single herb can match the almost endless list of health benefits substantiated through both research and historical use.

Scientist became intrigued with Jiao Gu Lan when a Chinese census revealed people in the Guizhou province who enjoy this herb on a daily basis routinely lived to 100 years with less disease and greater vitality levels. The western world is now beginning to understand why Jiao Gu Lan is known in those locales as “the Tea of Immortality” and “Magic Grass”.

Our 30 serving size of select biodynamically-grown Jiao Gu Lan leaves.

We want you to experience the delicate sweet taste of our Jiao Gu Lan subtly nuanced with undertones of Huckleberry, Laurel Bay and Conifer from the adjacent forest. You won’t find the compressed leaves and stems common with Asian imports. We loosely pack whole seasonally fresh leaves evidenced by their forest green color, clean aroma and leaf structure that won’t fall apart when you grab a pinch for your tea basket.

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Alfa Vedic Gardens is proud to offer a domestic Jiao Gu Lan option to the western herbal market. The almost miraculous ability of this herb to counter present-day stressors now diminishing our longevity and well-being requires a reliable domestic source. It doesn’t make sense to rely on questionable imports, when local farmers engaged in ethical agricultural and community-based economies can produce a superior product.

Unsatisfied with Asian imports we knew we could do better. Our biodynamically-grown Jiao Gu Lan is comprised of select, seasonally-fresh leaves, and hand-picked here at the gardens.

The difference is apparent at first glance, and undeniable after your first cup of Alfa Vedic “Immortality Tea”.


Perhaps the most promising effects of Jiao Gu Lan confirmed through research are those of life extension.

“It adds life to your years as well as years to your life.”

Jiao Gu Lan repairs DNA by impeding and reversing age-related telomere damage. The length of these DNA ‘end caps’ are a major determinant of one’s remaining life span. The ability to lengthen DNA telomeres places Jiao Gu Lan in an elite status as one of the most powerful longevity substances ever known.

Secondly, a group of plant elements called saponins, the same compounds attributed to the powerful adaptogenic effects of Ginseng have been identified in Jiao Gu Lan. Ginseng only has 30 compared to 82 varieties found in Jiao Gu Lan in addition to an abundance of oxygen-rich polysaccharides.

The inhabitants of southern China say that “Jiao Gu Lan is like Ginseng, only much better” for good reason!


Biodynamically-Grown at Alfa Vedic Gardens



The positive cardiovascular effects of Jiao Gu Lan have caught on in athletic circles as a serious performance booster, but anyone can benefit by its supportive role in circulatory health.

Jiao Gu Lan promotes vascular flexibility to ease blood flow, while exhibiting the ability to reduce blood pressure. It also prevents and repairs damage to arterial linings through its powerful antioxidant effects, and generally improves cardiac efficiency. Its anti-spasmodic action can aid with heart arrhythmias and been shown to reduce the tendency of blood clots implemented in strokes and cardiac ischemic attacks.

Simply put, Jiao Gu Lan can alleviate many levels of cardiovascular stress to allow more oxygen and nutrients delivered to vital tissues with less workload.


Nitric Oxide (NO) is a gas produced by the body considered by physiologists as perhaps the most important molecule for cardiovascular, immune, nervous, and reproductive health.

NO is vital for proper circulation, blood vessel dilation, dissolving arterial plaques, and tissue regeneration. It facilitates nerve cell development, regeneration and communication. NO stimulates Growth Hormone production to encourage the reduction of adipose tissue and lean muscle building.

NO also supports the maintenance of balanced microbial populations to prevent the genesis of the pathogenic bacterial and parasitic cycles that are considered “infections” in conventional medical thought.

If Nitric Oxide concentrations are too low or high the internal ecology will be vulnerable to the degenerative changes of heart disease, stroke, cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autoimmune conditions, chronic inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, gout etc.

Studies substantiate Jiaogulan’s effects to both stimulate or limit NO production when its levels are not optimal. This attribute alone justifies the emerging opinion that Jiaogulan should be considered as the primary adaptogenic herb to support health in today’s challenged world.


Longevity and immunity are actually one and the same. Jiao Gu Lan’s rejuvenating and healing effects are partially due to its ability to neutralize the aging effects of free-radical damage by stimulating the production of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione.

Together with Jiao Gu Lan’s regulating effects on Nitric Oxide levels the body’s immune capabilities can maintain healthy microbial populations to keep bacterial and parasitic forms in check, as well as those factors leading to tumor growths.

Jiaogulan increases the potency of the immune response to foreign invaders and environmental toxins including the side-effects (effects) of pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy and radiation; Finally, across multiple animal studies conducted in both Japan and China, Jiao Gu Lan administration consistently decreased mortality rates with accompanying lifespan increase.


• Prevention of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases

• Helps maintain healthy ratios of LDL/HDL cholesterols

• Supports liver & kidney function

• Improves respiratory function

• Encourages general cleansing & waste removal

• Protects & heals the gastro-intestinal system

• Aids fast recovery from physical exercise

• Balances hormonal production

• Stimulates Human Growth Hormone (HGH) production

• Encourages fat reduction & lean muscle

• Normalizes blood sugar

• Boosts athletic performance & stamina

• Reduces allergic response tendencies

• Skin rejuvenation & increased collagen synthesis

• Decreases Nervous System tension

• Enhanced libido

• Improves memory and learning ability

“Jiao Gu Lan Tea has been my preferred ‘adaptogen’ for many years. As a long-time physician I consider this prized vine as perhaps the most versatile medicinal herb of Nature’s pharmacopeia.

Herbal ‘adaptogens’ are quite popular these days, but from an herbalist’s perspective they can be overused depending on one’s energetic leaning. The strong tonifying effects of the trending botanicals in this genre can actually create the “whipping a tired horse” syndrome when taken indiscriminately.

The unique properties of Jiao Gu Lan, however, promote a balancing effect across all constitutional types, while benefiting every organ system without exception. Taken as a daily tea, or tincture will build energy reserves, immunity and an internal sense of calm”.


~Dr. Barre Paul Lando