Restorative Tooth Serum – 4oz


Our Essential Body Care Line addresses the physical hygiene component of Alfa Vedic’s 3 pillar system for total health. Proven strategies used by integrative specialists, engineered with impeccable attention to detail & purity for advanced physical hygiene.

Essential Body Care No.2 – Restorative Tooth Serum

• Remineralize & Heal Cavities Naturally
• Regenerate Healthy Gum Tissue
• Pure Organic Essential Oils
• Alkalizing Mineral Salts
• Marine Pearl Powder & Himalayan Salt
• Sodium Bicarbonate & Aloe Concentrate
• Use to Brush teeth, Freshen Breath & Heal

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Proven restorative strategies used in our clinical practice to help you thrive amidst the stress of today’s world.


9 Essential Oils, Marine Pearl Powder, Himalayan Salt, Aloe, Birch Xylitol & Sodium Bicarbonate in a base of Transitional Element Water.






We strongly believe homegrown herbs to be vastly superior. Imports from afar lack necessary controls, and those of us in the business can attest to their declining quality. A healthy agricultural base is built upon an abundance of small local farms. That’s what AV Botanical Gardens is about.

“Hal A. Huggins DDS first made me aware that cavities and gum pathologies can be healed naturally. His outspoken stance against many dental practices responsible for undermining health and immunity has not endeared him within the hierarchy of the American Dental Association, but continued research and clinical evidence have more than vindicated his admonitions.

My own professional experience has proven true to Dr. Huggins claim that teeth can successfully be remineralized, while gum ‘disease’ can indeed resolve with less invasive measures. EBC No.2 – Restorative Tooth Serum is the result of many clinical trials to determine the combination of ingredients that produce results. This formula is particularly effective for long term use, as users report less dental problems indicated in routine dental visits, with a gradual resolution of pre-existing issues. Dr. Huggins personal site, is noteworthy for those interested in the impact of oral hygiene, and dental practices on the entire body.”

~Dr. Barre Paul Lando

Bag Size: 4 oz / 120 ml
Servings: 25



Essential nutrition, emotional health and physical hygiene are the 3 pillars of health. The Alfa Vedic Essential Body Care line addresses physical hygiene with original formulations we developed over years of private practice. The extraordinary demands placed on our bodies in recent times requires extra measures to both protect and thrive.


Frankincense EO – Boosts immunity, improves oral health, astringent properties, promotes digestion, delays aging, reduces respiratory issues, relieves stress, speeds up healing, supports reproductive health & restful sleep.

Oregano EO – The demonstrable benefits of Oregano Oil have been verified by ample academic research in the treatment of bacterial (possibly MERSA), yeast and parasitic imbalances, and as a valuable anti-carcinogenic.

Thyme EO – The benefits of this remarkable essential oil include improved circulation & immunity, bactericidal properties, reduces anxiety, aids skin health and important in oral health for its antiseptic and restorative qualities.

Clove EO – Used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years to relieve tooth pain; research demonstrates clove inhibits pathogenic bacteria. Dentists traditionally use clove to disinfect root canals, and recent studies reveal its ability to inhibit bacterial mutations.

Peppermint EO – Extremely effective at killing anaerobic bacteria that thrive in the low oxygen environment of the oral cavity, and contribute to dental/gum disease; antiseptic, eliminates bad breath, helps teeth and gums and mitigates the discomfort of toothaches.

Birch EO – Contains salicylate, the compound found in aspirin, which lends to its ability to relieve inflammation and pain; tightens loose teeth, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, stimulating, antiseptic/disinfectant, astringent, tonifying, freshens breath.

Wintergreen EO – Astringent, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and an extremely powerful breath freshener.

Rosemary EO – Improves micro-circulation, enhances memory, detoxifies the Liver, supports Gallbladder function, lowers cortisol, antiseptic and effective in the treatment of neuropathy/neuralgia.

Lemon EO – Lemon is useful in this tooth serum formula for its ability to whiten teeth, disinfect, remove plaque and reduce halitosis.


Marine Pearl Powder – Pure, medical/pharmaceutical grade marine pearl powder provides invaluable nutrition for a healthy oral cavity and strong teeth; amino acids, calcium carbonate, full assay of minerals and vitamins, enhances the activity of the superoxide dismutase (SOD) antioxidant. Research has shown marine pearl as one of the most effective ways to prevent osteoporosis and demineralized teeth, as its DNA is nearly identical to the DNA responsible for the regulation of calcium metabolism in the human body.

Organic Aloe 200:1 concentrate – A potent 200:1 concentrate of Aloe is central to this formula for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and immune building capabilities. It is especially important for its renown healing abilities for damaged oral tissues, alkalizing and detoxification qualities.

Organically processed Sodium Bicarbonate – Sodium Bicarbonate was traditionally used as the most effective agent for dental care prior to commercial toothpastes. It has superior, non-abrasive whitening qualities that disrupt bacterial films known as biofilm, while further alkalizing and disinfecting.

Himalayan Salt – Contains 84 minerals and vital elements for re-mineralizing enamel and healing cavities, inhibiting pathogenic organisms and alkalizing.


Transitional Element Water – Transitional Element Water magnetically harvested from a pristine natural spring flowing year-round from mountain bedrock. Transitional Elements naturally occur from unspoiled water sources, and our magnetic-vortex trap concentrates these valuable elements to a milky white water with a more slippery texture. The Transitional Element medium both activates and elevates the action of accompanying constituents, while lending the invaluable attributes of Transitional Elements too numerous to list.

Contains NO Glycerin, Artificial Sweeteners, Silicates, Fluoride or Stabilizers.