The Cognition-Mood Pack


Most stimulants provide their action at a price, but the AV Cognition-Mood grouping improves long-term memory and cognitive function, while simultaneously energizing and elevating mood in the short-term without the downside.

AV Amino Boost No.7 – Uplift features the magic molecule of chocolate, Theobromine, as a thermogenic boost to medicinal mushrooms, herbal tonics, aminos, essential oils & cell salts. A potent uplift for body & mind.

Thermo Infusion No.5 – Green Tea Floral is a wonderful aromatic blend of high mountain Green Tea, midsummer Jasmine blossoms nuanced with Albizziza Flowers, renown in Asian medicine as the primary mood-elevating herb. AV Thermo Infusions are designed to be blended hot with coconut oil, and Green Tea Floral’s moderate caffeine levels will provide additional health benefits prepared in this manner … and you won’t believe the amazing taste!

Essential Body Care No.3 – Carbon 60 is also provided in this package, but the present political climate does not allow an open and honest discussion about this remarkable molecule first discovered by Buckminster Fuller, so it is now designated for “experimental laboratory use”.

• Cacao Theobromine, Spirulina & Cordycep Extracts
• Gotu Kola, Macuna & Essential Oil of Cinnamon
• Cognitive-Stimulating Amino Acids & Cell Salts
• Organic Green Jasmine Tea & Albizzia, “The Tree of Happiness”
• The Perfect Molecule – Carbon 60
• Increased Cognition & Focus
• Uplift & Reset Naturally

Save 15% when these 3 products are purchased, as a 3-tiered approach to cognaitive performance & central nervous system health:

(1) Thermo Infusion No.5 – GREEN TEA FLORAL
(1) Essential Body Care NO.3 – CARBON 60

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Save 15% with the AV Cognition-Mood Package


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