The Cleanse Pack


Ubiquitous environmental contaminants from cell towers/WiFi, petrochemicals, chem-trails and pharmaceuticals have taken an unfortunate toll on our health, and extraordinary measures are required to neutralizing these anti-longevity agents.

AV Amino Boost No.9 – Cleansing Blend delivers strong organic extract/concentrates of Turkey Tail Mushroom, Chlorella, Cilantro, Galangal Root, Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root & Activated Coconut Charcoal in a base of Amino Acids, Cell Salts & Essential Oil of Lemon for a uniquely powerful, but gentle detoxifying blend.

Zero Point No.4 – Zeolite is a timely solution for the ever-increasing exposure levels to radiation, and other toxins. Zeolite has been proven an invaluable chelating agent to rid the body of dangerous compounds associated with radiation & other pollutants since the days of the Chernobyl .

• Turkey Tail Mushroom, Cilantro & Chlorella Extracts
• Dandelion, Silymaran, Galangal & Lemon Oil
• Liver Supportive Aminos & Cell Saltss
• Clinoptilolite Zeolite & Activated Coco-Hull Charcoal
• Liquid Humic Base & Transitional Elements
• Promotes Deep Cleanse of Heavy Metals & Bio-Toxins

Save 15% when these 2 products are purchased together for comprehensive cleansing protocols:


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Save 15% with the AV Cleanse Pack


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