Carbon 60 – 100 ml


Our Essential Body Care Line addresses the physical hygiene component of Alfa Vedic’s 3 pillar system for total health. Proven strategies used by integrative specialists, engineered with impeccable attention to detail & purity for advanced physical hygiene.

Essential Body Care No.3 – Carbon 60 Olive Oil

• Original Research Preparation Method
• Maximum Potency & Solvent-Free
• Potent Elimination of Cumulative Bio-Toxins
• “The World’s Most Efficient Anti-Oxidant”
• Repairs & Lengthens DNA Telomeres
• Improved Strength, Endurance & Cognition
• Neutralizes Age-Related Free Radical Damage & Inflammation
• Quick Recovery Time From Exercise & Injury
• Highest Quality Koroneiki Olive Oil Carrier

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Proven restorative strategies used in our clinical practice to help you thrive amidst the stress of today’s world.


Solvent-Free Processed, Original Research Method of Preparation for Maximum Potency/Absorbtion & Bonded with Premium Keroneiki Olive Oil Carrier



“Carbon 60 is perhaps one of the single-most significant discoveries for improving health ever. I’ve watched the development of Carbon 60 research for a good number of years, especially the growing evidence indicating its powerful effects on increasing lifespans of research test subjects, and the absence of toxic side-effects even when administered at ridiculously high dosage levels.

Anecdotal experience continues to substantiate research findings, but its use within athletic circles is particularly noteworthy. Competitors universally report exceedingly faster recovery times from intense training, and injury rehabilitation, with noticable improvements in strength, endurance and cognition. My own clinical experience within Biological Terrain Medicine indicates a strong boost in the action of other protocols utilizing osteopathic and meridian therapy modalities along with herbal, isopathic, homeopathic and nutrient preparations. I do not believe it to be a curative agent, but rather an extremely effective substance proven to neutralize the molecular by-products (free radicals) of stressors and contaminants, thus freeing the body’s own self-healing abilities.”


~Dr. Barre Paul Lando

Bottle Size: 100 ml
Servings: Varies With Use


Essential nutrition, emotional health and physical hygiene are the 3 pillars of health. The Alfa Vedic Essential Body Care line addresses physical hygiene with original formulations we developed over years of private practice. The extraordinary demands placed on our bodies in recent times requires extra measures to both protect and thrive.



Ultra-Pulverized Carbon 60
  • The Carbon 60/Fullerene manufacturing process:
    No-Solvents are used during any phase of processing, and our C60 is Ultra-Pulverized to achieve maximum absorption capabilities & potency within the highest energetic state.
  • The C60 is then bonded within the highest quality Koroneiki Olive Oil through sonification technology.



Koroneiki Olive Oil – Koroneiki Olive Oil has been identified as the perfect carrier medium, with the intrinsic health benefits unique to Koroneiki olive oil.