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Bring Alfa Vedic To Your Event or Marketplace!


Alfa Vedic had a great first season taking our offerings out to the world in person with our new vending booth!  We have crafted unique, healthy & super tasty beverages perfect for farmer’s markets, festivals, special events, conventions and so much more.  From our Life Force Horchatas featuring 3 amazing flavors with each their own unique formulation to our handcrafted chaga coffees, Immortality teas and thermogenic brews, Alfa Vedic brings the utmost quality and craftsmenship to everything we offer.

Besides the amazing drinks, the Alfa Vedic mobile experience includes Alfacast hosts Dr. Barre Lando and Mike Winner, who will be present throughout the event to engage with patrons and answer any health-related questions.  The Alfa Vedic crew goes above and beyond to make sure every customer’s experience is a persoinalized and enriched one!

Checkout the menus below to see what we offer!


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