Nuclear Physicist turned Music Producer, Steve Young aka “Hedflux” takes us on a magical ride thru the Alchemy of music, mathematics & time.

So, how does a brilliant academician with a masters degree in Theoretical Physics & a PhD in Nuclear Physics become a music producer & DJ? It will all make perfect sense after you hear renown DJ Steve Young aka “Hedflux” tell his story.

“Harnessing the Rational to Illuminate the Transcendental”

This particular episode is near & dear to our hearts. Mike Winner’s DJ experience, along with Dr. Barre’s practice in medicine & agriculture through an alchemical lens will guarantee a lively discussion around Steve’s perspective on the Alchemy of Music through the harmonics of 432hz.

Steve started his own record label Luminus Music which has released more than 70 Hedflux tracks and 17 DJ mixes, and in 2016 started his annual workshop Audio Alchemy; a living synthesis of musical, scientific and spiritual knowledge.

“In my attempts to find scientific explanations for the shamanic experience, I was finally led toward the ancient art of Alchemy. Artists and philosophers have for millennia contemplated the nature of Truth and sought beautiful and enduring ways to express it, while the ruling classes have worked to hide, obscure and distort it, preferring to keep the public divided in ignorance.”

Steve is our new favorite maestro, and he’ll be yours too when you check out his 432hz productions as HEDFLUX.

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