#205 – Our Hidden History & Destiny w/ Phillip Lindsay

Tap into the Authentic Grid! Chris Winters combines Qigong metaphysics with his unique garden tech for next-level Electroculture.

As an avid student of metaphysics and farming innovator, Chris Winters of The Fertile Current is Light years ahead of the conventional farming community.

This Part II episode continues Alfacast’s exploration into everything Electroculture, and the perfect follow-up to our interview with Matt Roeske from Cultivate Elevate.

Electroculture, sometimes known as Magneto-culture, simply put is the agricultural utilization of feeble voltage to stimulate electro-magnetic actions in the soil. These actions catalyze the transmuting of elements within the soil which have an array of benefits. This transmutation of soil elements was referred to by Rudolf Steiner as “Spiritual Digestion”.

“I had been introduced to electroculture early in our farming endeavor but it didn’t “click” until I was rooted in my Qigong studies.”

After growing up in an urban environment, Chris Winters and his wife made the conscious decision to raise their son in a rural setting, farming a piece of land that had been left fallow for many years. As first generation vegetable farmers, they necessarily learned from experience, and what Chris describes as a journey of a lifetime.

In Medical Qigong, one of the basic exercises is known as “Pulling Down Heavens.” In this exercise, positive yang solar energy (chi) is collected and paired with negative yin earth energy. When combined and conducted through the practitioner, these energies create a balanced energy (chi, prana, life force) thus encouraging vitality, balance and overall health. This is essentially the same concept used in the electroculture antennas and it is intrinsic to ALL life.

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