#208 – It’s Time We All Get Off The Plantation w/ Larken Rose

Strap in for this one!  Larken Rose is here to share his latest film, Jones Plantation, to deliver a most timely  message to every member of humanity that must now decide which master they choose to serve.

You can control a man with brute violence but you can never truly OWN a man until he’s convinced that your word is law, and obedience is a virtue.

Larken Rose is an outspoken advocate of the principles of self-ownership, non-aggression and a stateless society, and is the author of a number of books (including “The Most Dangerous Superstition”) and creator of numerous articles and videos.

In Larken’s own words, “The primary threat to freedom and justice is not greed, or hatred, or any of the other emotions or human flaws usually blamed for such things. Instead, it is one ubiquitous superstition which infects the minds of people of all races, religions and nationalities, which deceives decent, well-intentioned people into supporting and advocating violence and oppression. Even without making human beings one bit more wise or virtuous, removing that one superstition would remove the vast majority of injustice and suffering from the world.”

Jone’s Plantation further evolves Larken’s remarkable decades of work for those who dare question any Earthly claim to “authority”.  For those who believe in “paying their fair share”, and compliance at the any cost, “may your chains rest lightly … .”

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