Alec Zeck is a speaker, writer, mind/body/spirit coach, and former Army Captain. He is the Executive Director and Founder of Health Freedom for Humanity, a non profit whose mission is to unite people from all walks of life under one common purpose: the reclamation and defense of health freedom, and the Co-founder of The Way Forward.

Alec’s work is centered on the notion that the universe is one being that is exploring itself in an infinite for the purpose of self-realization. With this context, his speaking and writing spans the spectrum of mind/body/spirit wellness, the Law of One, reconnecting with nature, childhood trauma healing, natural health, and identifying and mitigating the effects of oppressive systems.

Alec received his B.S. in Systems Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point. He and his siblings grew up in a very chaotic and abusive household where he was physically, emotionally and verbally abused. He had very little self-worth, so he learned to externalize in order to feel. His immersion in a military environment with a rigorous academic schedule, gave him the critical thinking skills, discipline, structure and time management skills that he needed, but he hadn’t yet healed his trauma and learned to find peace within.

After graduating, multiple traumatic events transpired that forced him to turn inward and heal his childhood trauma, and by chance, he discovered the Law of One. All of this happening in such a short timeframe led him down a rabbit hole of questioning and relearning everything he had been taught to accept (breaking through the conditioning) – health, medicine, politics, free will and the nature of reality, to name a few.

Through his writing Alec encourages others to think beyond what is fed to them and aims to help usher in the reality of unity to humanity’s next generation.

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