Devon Graham aka the black air bender, and the pioneer of alchemy breathwork, was initiated into Bigu which is a taoist practice of energy healing and fasting.

“What Alchemy means to me is turning every breathe into gold, instead of turning every possession to gold…”

Devon describes Parasympathetic nose breathing as a lifestyle to enhance our connection with all dimensions of reality. Breathing practices offer a versatility of effect, and some of the techniques Devon teaches includes mental breathwork, quantum breathwork, astral breathwork and color breathing in a system that can be utilized in everyday life. Devon will also introduce us to “Scalar Nutrition” and a number of other modalities that he employs to enhance the effects of breathing with awareness.

The transformative effects of conscious breathing on Devon’s own life have fueled his continuing passion to help many on their healing journey from top athletes to people suffering from illness. Join us for this uplifting talk with a very special guest.

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