On this episode of Alfacast, David Jason Giaramita of Great Britain, shares his expertise on all aspects concerning “Law”.  In this time of the “Great Awakening” many are again exercising their right for Self Determination. Change of Status corrections, Affidavits of Truth, Conditional Acceptance responses to bureaucratic demands, and filing Claims are just a few of the “Lawful” processes now being popularized to formally notice those who would otherwise encroach on the Divine Rights of all (Womb)Men.

David will take us beyond the paperwork, and explain how this is in actuality a very real Spiritual journey.  We’ll explore the realization of “I AM” as the only possible authority on this plane, and why it is incumbent upon each to cultivate this inner conviction if we are to reassert our Sovereignty.  In today’s authoritative climate, where words have been weaponized, and the truth obfuscated on every level, this information is no longer optional.

Natural Law will always supersede man-made constructs, and the only possible way to navigate these perilous times is to realign and rediscover our essential Self.

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