On this episode Brian Staveley joins the Alfacast crew to examine the ubiquitous evidence of Mandela Effect.  For those unfamiliar with the term Mandela Effect, it connotes anomalous changes of physical matter & familiar events over observable timelines.

Is it possible for these unexplainable changes observed by many relative to known events, people & physical structures to have actually occurred, or is it simply the phenomenon of the mis-remembering of history?

Brian Staveley is a relentless researcher and podcast host who has delved deeply into many of the mysteries purposely ignored by the legacy media who dismissively label such stories as conspiracy theories.  Brian believes there’s much more to Mandela Effect than a mere lapse of accurate recollection, and he’ll share voluminous corroborations from geography, biblical changes, anatomical structures, recorded media & verses in songs to plant seeds even in the most skeptical of minds.

Is Mandela Effect a purposeful glitch in the Matrix to get our attention, or are the boys from downstairs manipulating our reality for no good?  Our discussion will take us to the heart of humanity’s epic struggle between good & evil and reveal a new depth of understanding to prevailing current events.

Nothing’s off the table for this discussion, and don’t be surprised if your hosts add a new wrinkle or two from the field of wave form mechanics, and the nature of perception from a Spiritual vantage as taught by Goethe & Steiner.

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