Are Present World Events Playing Out the Tartarian Mythos? Join Andreas Xirtus & the Alfacast Crew as We Connect Past to Present!

So many questions! Is there any truth to the Tartarian Mythos? Did a civilization once exist that far exceeded the aspirations of present empire-builders in both vastness and development? Would current science, engineering & societal structuring feats pale in comparison? Are the architectural marvels of our modern era merely repurposed creations from bygone times lost through the mists of approved University curriculum?

And what if any of this were true? Would it have any relevance to the world theater now playing out? Are we witnessing the final act of ancient bloodlines prominent in the post-Tartarian era vying for predominance in the New World Order? Is Tatar & Cossack history now playing out through the conflict in Ukraine? Is Putin intending to re-establish the Tartarian Empire based on his claim to Kiev Dynasty heritage?

Andreas Xirtus joins Alfacast to help us demarcate tall tales from fact. He is a technologist from Silicon Valley known from his appearances on Timcast Media, and Recent Tartarians, his enterprise to collect and share evidence surrounding the nearly forgotten civilization of Tartaria.

Andreas currently has a biopic airing about himself and his research on ViceTV. Andreas is the former Social Media Strategist for CNN and Turner Entertainment, and a former nanotechnician for NASA. He also has a YouTube page that focuses on disclosure. Xirtus covers philosophy, news, futurism, esoterics and hidden history, including Tartaria, and a bunch of other subjects.

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