We always look forward to our enlightening chats with good Alfacast compatriot, Marty Leeds, and this one will definitely be special.  The ever-present stellar canopy just overhead has quite a story to tell, and master-decoder Marty Leeds is our go-to man to decipher what the Sky Clock is trying to tell us.

Marty’s new book, Scripture in the Stars does just that, as it takes the reader through a journey of the Bible like they have never had before. Linking the stories of the Good Book to the constellations in our night skies, this book unveils the deeply spiritual and celestial meanings of the ancient biblical tales.

Every chapter uncovers for the reader, step by step, how the stories of the Old and New Testament are found in the celestial characters, symbols and animals above our heads. Scripture in the Stars is easy to read, full of large graphics for reference and study, and is a must have for any serious religious student.

Past interviews with Marty have traversed through a diversity of subject matter from Gnostic Christianity, to the mathematics, symbolism, astrology, and mysticism encoded within the Bible.

Marty always brings it, and this episode is one not to be missed!

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