On this Alfacast we welcome natural builder, designer, and inventor Alësha Lynov to the Alfa Vedic family and its efforts to reclaim our world through conscious building, 7 generational agriculture and medicine without violence.

Since 2007 Alësha has been developing living habitats that merge nature in a curvilinear interactive play space as a cohesive Bio Shelter Organism.   His innovative dwellings are constructed to both protect and nourish, while being able to withstand weather extremes without conventional heating and minimal inputs whilst UPcycling and reusing all of its waste outputs.​

“Transform our children’s education experience in a warm womb like atmosphere so they can take the reins of the future world that most of us are going to REINCARNATE BACK INTO.”

Alësha’s fully autonomous homes are a synthesis of some of the greatest minds in the fields of eco-construction, as well as his own ​​​​journey through homesteading that render his creations impervious to the harsh climatic conditions of his home country of Russia.

Please join in on this very special episode as Alësha shares his lifelong mission and dream to create an experimental LAB training students in functional hands-on building techniques creatively infused with the laws of physics, biology, bio geometry, biomimicry, and soil regeneration to develop self-regenerative living habitats for the future of humankind.

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Alësha’s gift: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyLzr0zruXQ

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