There is a pattern to life. If one can find this pattern, they can manipulate it; appearing to have magical powers. With consciousness, genetic memory, and time, life cycles can be seen.  Patterns have been introduced into our consciousness to generate a particular pattern put there by secret societies or The Invisible College.

Michael Wann is an anomaly. Despite being raised in America’s most celebrated “planned community”, and large-scale social engineering experiment, the Rockefeller-funded, Columbia MD, he has been able to create an authentic and original expression of life.

Considering Michael’s expertise in astrology, it is fitting to look at Michael through the lens of his own astrology.  Michael  is a researcher and storyteller extraordinaire focusing his ability to read the hidden on you through your natal chart, revealing the beauty of your cosmic story.

His audiences find him light, fun, philosophical and immensely creative, with strong communications skills into the Collective Subconscious and the Universal.  Prepare to go deep into both the destructive and transformative qualities of the subconscious.  This episode promises to be as entertaining as it will be informative!

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