Was the Promethean mythology a harbinger of Mankind’s final conflict on this plane? Prometheus, of course, was the tragic figure who stole fire from Zeus in an act of heroic benevolence on behalf of humanity.

Technology, some would suggest, is the allegorical fire of Zeus that has brought humanity to the present precipice of a tenuous future.

Technoscience is a dual-edged sword to be certain. Will technology provide the solutions we seek, or lead us to our ultimate demise through a Technological Singularity where robotics, genetic manipulation and nano-technology usurp Man’s presumed superiority?

On this episode Jason Reza Jorjani, PhD, the founder and leader of the Prometheist movement, takes us on a provocative journey to discern the possibilities that may unfold along our current techno trajectory

Jason Reza Jorjani, PhD is an Iranian-American philosopher and lifelong native New Yorker. He received his BA and MA at New York University, and completed his doctorate in Philosophy at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Dr. Jorjani has taught courses on Science, Technology, and Society (STS), the philosophy of Martin Heidegger, and the history of Iran as a full-time faculty member at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Earlier he taught Comparative Religion, Ethics, Political Theory, and the History of Philosophy at the State University of New York. He is a professional member of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE).

From October of 2016 through to his resignation in August of 2017, Dr. Jorjani was the Editor-in-Chief of Arktos Media and Co-Founder of the Alt-Right Corporation. Until his resignation in November of 2019, Dr. Jorjani was also a Senior Advisor to the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee of the Persian Renaissance Foundation.

He is the author of eight books. His first book, Prometheus and Atlas, won the 2016 Book Award from the Parapsychological Association (PA). He is also the author of World State of Emergency, Lovers of Sophia, Novel Folklore, Iranian Leviathan, Prometheism, the novel Faustian Futurist, and most recently, Closer Encounters.

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