Have you ever wondered why the atmosphere is so vibrant & pure after a thunderstorm? The answer is Ozone!

Polla Pratt and Toby Segal join Alfa Cast for a timely discussion about DIY Home Ozone Therapy, Somatic Sovereignty and how you can triple your energy supply and become the Master Self-Healer you innately are.

Most people are not aware that there is War on Oxygen and that there are simple DIY solutions to it. From the media to masks, and from ventilators to big pharma protocols, and coupled with exposures to 5G, Chemtrails and EMF’s, our seas, soils and some of ourselves are slowly and intentionally being suffocated.

Those of us who are educated and proactively taking measure are thriving by tripling our oxygen supply, while many of those that are unaware are slowly suffocating and suffering from crushing fatigue, brainfog and other chronic hypoxic dis-eases.

In this podcast Sovereign Systems Designer and Ozone, Oxygen & Somatic Therapist, Polla Pratt, shares her health sovereignty vision and passion to help as many freedom lovers as possible to get their own Home Ozone Therapy systems and to learn how to increase their health & well-being, energy supply and contributions towards building our new free world that is destined to be created.

Also, Tobias Segal, Ozone & Oxygen equipment manufacturer, prolific inventor and Promolife family business owner, shares with us his newest inventions and how he is bringing Ozone Therapy into new realms while making it as easy and affordable to get started.

“Promolife is the USA leader in ozone therapy equipment and will continue to improve and innovate for years to come.”

Therapeutic Ozone (which is triple oxygen) is an innate intelligent savvy substance that innately knows and innately goes to where our bodies need it the most. It stimulates, balances and nourishes our biological terrain and innate self-healing capacities.

DIY Home Ozone Therapy is about becoming our own best doctors and offers us many different omnipotent ways to become the Master Self-Healers we innately are. In this podcast you will learn everything you need to get started treating yourself and your loved ones at home.

This is sure to be a leading-edge discussion about DIY Home Ozone Therapy as Dr. Lando has decades of experience using it in his private practice and knows so much about its self-healing efficacies.

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