Dr. Lando & Mike Winner get personal on this episode with a behind-the-scenes look at our off-grid farm & the making of the Alfa Vedic documentary The Magical Land.

Off-grid living, permaculture, self-doctoring & a trending desire to return to our free-range roots are today’s hot topics. There is a growing awareness that our very survival and right to thrive are at stake in light of those who desperately seek to subjugate the masses.

Alfa Vedic is a multi-generational evolution with roots in the pioneering circles of alternative medicine, homesteading and those who simply sought uncompromising freedom.

On today’s episode we’ll share insights we’ve gained along the way, and what you might expect if you choose the path to sovereignty, whether off-grid or in an urban environment.

We’ll take you behind-the-scenes in the filming of The Magical Land, an Alfa Vedic documentary Directed by Bryden Lando in conjunction with the Ickonics film crew from Great Britain.

Expect the conversation to touch areas that will be the subject of on-line offerings on our soon-to-be-launched private membership site as well as on-site workshops.

Whether you are a practitioner of the healing arts, actively farming or

engaged in conscious parenting, perceptive skills must be retrained to reveal Nature’s hidden-in-plain-sight secrets.

The AV educational platform will focus on the repeating patterns underlying the 3 Kingdoms of creation for practical application with the expectation of positive results!

The Alfa Vedic permaculture farm is a “Farm to Farmacy” operation from the cultivation of medicinal herbs and biodynamic foods, processing in our Spagyrics Alchemy lab, and the production of teas & advanced herbal-nutrient formulations to complete the self-sufficiency loop via conscious commerce.

With our constant stream of outstanding Alfacast interview guests it’s rare to have an intimate gathering of the AV Community, so join the chat groups, and bring your questions.

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