Dr. Barre & Mike Winner are back for a regular in-house podcast chat about current events including more censorship by big tech.  We’re filming the AV documentary series as we speak, so expect a cameo from AV team member and design co-ordinator Bryden Lando!

Bryden is directing the series on behalf of https://www.ickonic.com/ and the David Icke family who felt our story was worth filming.  If you haven’t checked them out you’ll find no better source for hard-hitting truthful reporting, and interviews with prominent notables working toward making this a better world.  Mike Winner has quite a background in the film industry as well, so this project brings a collaborative effort with his pal Bryden, the Ickes and our LA camera crew.

On another note. we are getting consistent reports within our own local as well as global community that many are now experiencing a similar syndrome of unpleasant symptoms, and, of course, we have our own speculations about the matter.   Tune in to find out more as we cover a whole gamut of topics ranging from manmade atmospheric interference to the notion that history is never set in stone.

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