It has long been foretold that the final battle prior to the “Age of the Great Enlightenment” would be fought on the mental plane. Make no mistake, we are in the darkest throes in the realization of this prophecy. Big tech, working in conjunction with their de facto government proxies and corporate media mouth-pieces have pulled out all stops. No matter which side of the ideological divide you fancy, you are either being overtly lied to, or falling victim to information omission.

Take heart for their is an accessible solution that the would-be controllers fear most, Logic! It’s for good reason, that the science of ‘Critical Thought’, once the core of all educational curriculum, has been methodically removed from academia. Do you wonder why we find ourselves divided from each other’s humanity, and why seemingly intelligent people react in a childish manner, when introduced to information that could well set them free? It was for good reason that the great philosophers and teachers of the ages understood that the advancement of any civilization was directly proportionate to the capacity of it’s citizenry to engage in critical thought.

In times past this system of data collection, analysis and rhetorical sharing was known as the Trivium-Quadrivium. This weeks Alfacast entertains this topic, and give examples of how this easy to learn technique can be used within any profession, or simply as your personal BS Meter for greater levels of discernment. We also go beyond the current concepts into new ideas of how these classical techniques can be used for our ever-expanding consciousness.

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