Did you know that there exists an abundant source of regenerating fresh water deep within the magmatic rocks of planet Earth? This water, often called ‘Primary Water’, is created from the molten magma plasma chemistry deep within the earth as it cools and crystalizes.

Russell Anderson and Cosmic Sojourner aka Chris are from Clear Water Vision, California.   No longer must we be fearful of water scarcity but more importantly, it is time for us to realize our true spiritual connection to both the waters below and the waters above.

As mankind embarks upon this ‘Great Awakening’, primary water will play a massive role in the raising of the collective consciousness. It is up to us to reconnect with these living waters and cleanse the damage we have done to this planet so that we can all rise above the materiality that currently limits us.

Not only will Russell and Cosmic Sojourner go deep into the science and spirit of this important topic but they will inspire and educate us about the role of North America’s oldest volcanic lake, Clear Lake in California and how the healing begins right there in our own backyard.

The many years of holistic research by Russell Anderson and all his past experiences, has helped bring together a group of very highly talented visionaries, scientists and business people. In 2008, Clear Water Vision, a non-profit corporation was created from these efforts.

Cosmic Sojourner brings a deep I AM awareness to the legal Name Game and neural linguistics employed to control the unsuspecting masses, and shares our  preoccupation with “truth” of the matter in the heart of the matter.  The avenues of discussion for this episode are endless as we’ll traverse from alchemical to the scarcity fallacy concerning the most magical and fundamental element of our Realm, Water!

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