Are prophesies real?  Are these indeed the ‘end times’? We brought on our friend, Marty Leeds to give his take on this topic so many are focused on these days.  In Marty Leeds’ own words:

“I am a genuine seeker of truth. I am not afraid to discuss any issues or talk about any subject. I am not an expert on anything, nor do I declare myself any sort of guru, prophet or spiritual guide. I certainly am no saint.”

“I often explain my role as a teacher of the mysteries and a preacher of the heart. I wish to share with you the things I have learned along the way, the light I have gained, the wrongs I have made, and how I see the world.”

“The mathematical, symbolic and linguistic work that I teach has been rooted in my own personal journey to God.”

“I teach about many different schools of thought, and I cover many different subjects and topics, but ultimately, my main focus is that of sharing and teaching what I have come to learn about Gnostic Christianity, the mathematics, symbolism, astrology, and sheer mysticism that is encoded within the Holy Bible, and moreover, how those encodings withhold a sacred science of apotheosis.”

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